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Bogusia and Robert’s wedding day

While waiting for photos from the latest Marta and Marek’s wedding, I want to show you some photos from Bogusia and Robert’s wedding, which I was honored to celebrate with them 2 years ago. It was a beautiful sunny day and they where so happy 🙂
Now they are celebrating the second anniversary with the same smile and happiness 🙂 Love you guys!

Bogusia and Robert’s wedding
Bogusia and Robert’s wedding

Crochet wedding umbrella
Crochet wedding parasol

Lace wedding umbrella
Bogusia flying away 😉
Crochet lace parasol

Wedding hand fan
Wedding lace hand fan
Crochet lace wedding hand fan

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Shoots from this long weekend

Shoots from this long weekend
Black crochet umbrella

My boyfriend and I were very busy resting during this long free weekend, but we didn’t forget to shoot some needed photos 🙂 We made them just before a storm, on our balcony.

Black crochet parasol
Black crochet parasol

The umbrella is lately made for my etsy shop, and you can reach it by clicking the photos.

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We live where the old meets new, the very beautiful place in Olsztyn Poland.
Last weekend we spent a couple of hours wandering around to see what has changed beside the leaves colours.

Since the new meets old here, this is a good place to start, so let’s go.

You can buy an old military detention if you want..

..and change it for something good, like this huge building

this one was taken here a years ago

and in front of tasteful metal “doors”

It is good that it is renovated, cause unfortunately others look like this

This is our neighbourhood too, but it will be for another walk 🙂