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Swarovski Barefoot Sandals GIVEAWAY


The Bridal Boutique by The Overwhelmed Bride

Welcome in this New Year! Hope it will bring you lot of laughs, love and good fortune!

As a good beginning of the 2015, I have a great pleasure to invite you to visit the Bridal Boutique at The Overwhelmed Bride and read about Modern Crochet Club Wedding Hand Fan 🙂 You can also see this beautiful photos of Jenn and the Fan, taken by Bleudog fotography

the overwhelmed bride
The Bridal Boutique

Really beautiful work and very successful cooperation, thank you Jenn!

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Christina Aguilera with Modern Crochet Club red hand fan

Last week, the most amazing thing ever happened. I couldn’t imagine more spectacular way to celebrate my THOUSANDTH SALE on Etsy. Thanks to my friend Magda, I found out that Christina Aguilera choose Modern Crochet Club hand fan for THE VOICE show. My idea, my design, my crocheting…. and She choose it 🙂
I searched the entire internet to find some photographs from this episode, and I am really proud to share with you my finds.
Here it is, Christina Aguilera in american The Voice with Modern Crochet Club deep red crochet hand fan!!!

Christina Aguilera with Modern Crochet Club crochet hand fan
Christina Aguilera with Modern Crochet Club crochet red hand fan

I also found the youtube movie with Ellen DeGeneres show, and what is even more amazing, and what is even more amazing. The photos of Christina Aguilera with my hand fan, are not far from photos of Christina with Hillary Clinton. I was thrilled.

Christina Aguilera with Modern Crochet Club red crochet hand fan
Christina Aguilera with Modern Crochet Club red crochet hand fan


Still can’t believe this happened. It gives me so much inspiration for designing new patterns and fills my head with so many new ideas how to use crochet in todays world 🙂

Thanks Magda, for showing me this photos and thanks to Christina, for choosing my hand fan for this big TV show 🙂 And most of all thanks to all my family and friends, who believed that my homemade crocheting is something more than old fashioned doilies and can be used with joy every day now and in the future and can’t be called only granny but also modern (even though, it is inspired by lace doilies) 🙂


Photo:  Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

and © Michael Rozman/Warner Bros – Christina Aguilera on Ellen Degeneres show December 7



#ChristinaAguilera Flashes #LeopardBra #UnderSheer #Shirt on The Voice

Thanks to my friend Magda, I found this photo of Christina Aguilera in The Voice with Modern Crochet Club red hand fan 🙂
This is incredible, I didn’t know about it til today 🙂 I am so happy !!!! yeeeeeee 🙂

Christina Aguilera

Christina AguileraCredit: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Christina Aguilera loves to change things up.

When the “Your Body” singer and her fellow mentors AdamLevine, BlakeShelton and CeeLoGreen selected The Voice‘s final 12 contenders Nov. 8, the 31-year-old pared down her typically over-the-top styling.

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