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New sandals for a New Year

I wish you all the best in this New Year! It was a busy beginning, so you have to forgive me this little delay.

As a first design in 2014, I want to show you my first try with triangle barefoot sandals. I hope you will like them a lot, because I still want to think, that the turn of the year is the best time for my new crochet ideas ! As you may remember, my first ever sandals where designed between Christmas and New Year two years ago 🙂

So, here are the triangles.. bermuda triangles maybe 😉

The second pair was made in Mint Green

The same triangle pattern was also used for “gloves”

mint crochet gloves
Crochet fingerless gloves in Mint

I also used my previouse Diamond Barefoot Sandals Pattern and with some modifications tried it with Swarovski bicone crystals. Photos during this gray winter does not show it in all its glory, so you just have to believe that it was a good try too 🙂

swarovski diamond barefoot sandals3
Swarovski Diamond barefoot sandals

I promise to make this photos again in a sunny weather, with all the reflections and blinks that Swarovski crystals show us with every move.

Have a very Crochet Year, how I plan to have!! 🙂


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