Jasper, wedding, wedding hand fan

Still counting

My cat-friend and I are still counting this white fans…

..5.. 6.. 6,5..

White hand fans
White hand fans

6 is enough to fit a cat.. ‘You don’t have to crochet more dear. You can go to sleep now’


‘I’ll watch TV from here!!’


hand fan, wedding, wedding hand fan

Snow white hand fans

I am in a middle of crocheting.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 4,5.. and still counting..

Hand fans
Snow white crochet hand fans

Who can guess, how many of them will be this time?

I also have plans to make the silver hand fan. I got new handles and nice silver shimmering yarn, so I hope to be able to show you new fan soon.

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Magdalena’s barefoot sandals

I just realized that I did not show you the foot jewelry that Magdalena won in my Giveaway. What a oversight! :/ Shame on me!
Magdalena voted for the Preciouse Heart barefoot sandals, and after a winning she chose them in black. It was the first time I made them black and I think they look really good this way too. So, here they are