Gold and black hand fan

Few days ago I finished a new hand fan, and again, the newest one is my favourite one πŸ™‚ This one is in gold, but not as the previous with white, but with black handle.
It was made for an Australian bride Katie, who will be wearing a deep red dress and this hand fan, while her bridesmaid will be in gold, and will have another fan in red. It have to be very elegant and I am really curious of the final look. Specialy with the beautiful dresses, which I saw as a sketches.
Now I have to be realy patient, as the Katie was :), to maybe see this whole in action in September.

Gold and black crochet hand fan

Gold and black hand fan

This red one I already made a couple of times.

Red crochet hand fan

Red crochet hand fan

Remember about a GIVEAWAY from the previous post. There are not many competitors in the draw, so you have a big chance to win it if you sign in right now on Facebook.

Preciouse barefoot sandals GIVEAWAY

Preciouse barefoot sandals GIVEAWAY


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