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Sparkling sandals

I made some sparkling sandals for this summer. They are really eye catching while your feet are sinking in the sand on the sunny beach. They are all white, so can be perfect for your beach wedding.

Precious Heart barefoot sandals
Precious Heart barefoot sandals

I used very thin white mercerized cotton, so they are really comfortable and you don’t even feel while wearing them. I also used some glass beads and some Swarovski crystals to give them some glam 🙂 Beads are not sew on, but woven into the stitches while crocheting. That prevents them from falling off in use.

Simple Swarovski barefoot sandals
Simple Swarovski sandals
Precious Flower barefoot sandals
Precious Flower barefoot sandals

What do you think about this sparkling sandals? Do you like them more or less then the one without beads?

You know what? I just thought, that you can get one of them 🙂 Just like ModernCrochetClub facebook page (you can do it on the right blog bar or through, leave a comment under the post letting me know which one do you like the most “Precious Heart”, “Precious Flower” or “Simple Swarovski”. Feel free to share it to your friends 🙂 You can do that till June 30th. I’ll draw a winner in first days of July and she/he will recieve a pair of her/his favourite bead sandals from this post.

Preciouse barefoot sandals GIVEAWAY
Preciouse barefoot sandals GIVEAWAY

Good luck!


4 thoughts on “Sparkling sandals”

  1. I wish I could see who shered this post on Facebook..
    Remember to write a comment under the GIVEAWAY note at ModernCrochetClub facebook page, otherwise I will not be able to find you and your choice.

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