barefoot sandals

Black Heart Barefoot Sandals

They are becoming more and more popular, which makes me proud as a peacock 🙂 One and a half week ago front page of Etsy, and now 2012 Christmas Gift Guide in Gothic Beauty Magazine – Issue 38. I am so happy, cause it is my first barefoot sandals design. I made the first pair in bloody red, and the second one in black. And it is the biggest pleasure they are in Christmas gift guide, because they were invented while driving back home after Christmas in my family home in Międzyrzecz. It was a long but effective journey 🙂

Red Heart Barefoot Sandals

Black Heart Barefoot Sandas black1You can check or buy the magazine on

or buy the sandals in my Etsy shop.


3 thoughts on “Black Heart Barefoot Sandals”

  1. Hi there
    I absolutely love the black heart crochet barefoot sandals.
    i live i south africa and i will be getting married in May 2013, how can i get my hands on 7 pairs? How much do they cost?

      1. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.
        i will be ordering them next month.
        I have to have them!!!!!hehe

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