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Bead crochet bracelets

I really like to make them, so created a few new ones.
The white with red hearts

The red one from the previous post

And all together 🙂 I think they look together as good as single

This red colour is a little bit darker in real. I couldn’t catch it on photos, but I am still learning my beloved Nicon.

I am making 3 ropes now, in light beige and lavender, to make one big bracelet with all of them. Hope I’ll show it to you soon.

The blue and white one from the previous post is available in my Etsy shop

beading, crochet beads

Blue and white beaded bracelet

My favourit bracelet (for now I hope). Made this weekend 🙂

More soon!

Blue beaded braceletBlue beaded bracelet

Kisses for all my ‘likers’ 🙂 Hope you’ll write something.


This bracelet was made of  Toho Round 8/0 Inside Color Blue Raspberry and 6/0 Silver Lined Crystal. Combination: 4 Blue, 1 Crystal, rope made for 6 slip stitches.


Jasper the Cat

13th is the perfect day to choose a cat. If he is going to be a devil incarnate, there is always an excuse that it is not our fault, just 13th 😉

Last saturday we went to visit the breeding to meet our Jasper. We supposed to choose him, but practically we decided earlier from the photos 😉 Jasper just confirmed our choice. He is so cute and inteligent 🙂 He was afraid at the begining, but later came on my knees, so I think he will like us as much as we like him.

Terrified Jasper
Hit the cat, it should be bigger 😉

Jasper and his brother and sisters are one month old now, and it was a last chance to see him with blue eys. We are so happy that we caught this moment! They are changing now to amber.

Hit the cat, it should be bigger 😉

Jasper is going to live with us at the beginning of December. I can’t wait!!!

… I will have to share my wool balls with him.. I hope I can live with it 😉

crochet beads

Crochet beaded bracelets

This is my newest discovery 🙂 First I saw some of bracelets, which Kasia from Kadaro made, and was going tu buy one or two, but couldnt decide which color I like the most. I had no intention to learn a new field of needlework at all! I have no time for this!! I have no space for another beads!!

But then.. two of my friends showed me some photos, some beads they bought and a step by step tutorial they used.. they just hurt my ambition so badly!!! 😉 So I made another bead shopping with them and stared to crochet my first cobalt bracelet.

I used Weraph’s tutorial (in polish, sorry) which I found very helpfull for first steps because of many photos. And this is my first bracelet

Not bad as for first time, don’t you think? I am wearing it with a great pleasure.

Now I am makeing the red bracelet with 2 red beads, mat and glossy.

I hope to show you something more soon, cause I just bought some other colors of beads. I am oficially addicted 😉 BAD WOMAN, VERY BAD 😉

home, Olsztyn


We live where the old meets new, the very beautiful place in Olsztyn Poland.
Last weekend we spent a couple of hours wandering around to see what has changed beside the leaves colours.

Since the new meets old here, this is a good place to start, so let’s go.

You can buy an old military detention if you want..

..and change it for something good, like this huge building

this one was taken here a years ago

and in front of tasteful metal “doors”

It is good that it is renovated, cause unfortunately others look like this

This is our neighbourhood too, but it will be for another walk 🙂